John McAfee Addresses Alleged Fraud From DEF CON 24

There will be much more to follow, but for now here is an excerpt from my interview with John McAfee an hour before the Demonsaw 3.0 launch party. In this sample, he is addressing claims of alleged unethical behavior.


“What we are doing, if anybody can look at anything we are doing on Demonsaw or (Sentinel MG) or all of the other products that we are putting together and find anything about them that isn’t real then feel free to show me…

We have our prototypes, we have some of the brightest minds in the industry developing them and our team is top notch.

So are we all fraudulent? Is Nolan and myself, and the brains behind the artificial intelligence of the most successful video game of all time, Grand Theft Auto… What? Are we all fraudulently grouping together?

Look at how absurd that is.”

John McAfee, proposed CEO MGT 8/5/2016 Bally’s Poker Room, Las Vegas at Defcon 24


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