Sydney Stock Exchange Confirms Public Blockchain Platform for Instant Settlements – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News


The Sydney Stock Exchange is pressing ahead with a new blockchain settlement system that will position itself as a low-cost alternative to the current clearing and settlement system delivered by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

via Sydney Stock Exchange Confirms Public Blockchain Platform for Instant Settlements – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Update: Demonsaw 3.0.5 Goes Live


A new release for community has hit the downloads section.

Here are the latest updates since 3.0 went was launched at DEFCON 24:

* queue unauthorized packets then emoty queue once re-authenticated with xfr router
* transfer routers should not be overwritten when refreshing with msg router (keep in memory and replace only). msg router sends back all xfr routers to clients (not just success ones)
* transfer service unauthorized will drop transfer request (to restart). Re-queue and/or don’t restart, just re-group & handshake? Add to post-auth queue and then process upon successful re-connect?
* restart of client should NOT restart transfer routers (allow transfers to continue)
* turn yellow if you have 0 xfr routers
* use transfer router as long as not error status
* max/min transfer routers that are used in transfer? (1 – 8)
* transfer router open fail should abort? Or.. use TTL and fail when we run out of retries?
* right click download, Stop doesn’t appear cross rows (if yes/no)
* fix browse sort crash bug
* wrap all service/acceptor handlers in exception handling
* TwoFish crashes on linux??? (Just use AES for session?)
* 5 sec progress update change from green to blue
* removed early socket close function calls (should fix router crashes)
* return 501 if router uses non AES for session
* router socket->close() – let destructor do it
* porn’s weird file parse issue – i think an exception is thrown tbh
* Only allow folder browsing if folder size > 0
* alpha 1 sets button at 255 alpha?
* auto rejoin client to router if going from 0 -> 1 or 1 -> 0 shares
* minus button remove all (download, upload, etc.)

* Stack crash was occurring on Linux due to 4K worker thread stacks
* Increased stack size to 256K
* Added twofish algorithm back
* tooltip for dock widget
* Added tooltips back
* Updated retry to 1 sec (100 ms was DDOSing the router?)
* retry is set to 0-1 sec now…
* Add retries to services & acceptors
* Remove unnecessary error messages
* Unable to write needs to eventually time out?
* retry should be 8
* bring over random retry code from message acceptor to clients (0 – 1000)
* tunnel sockets to 1

* Restart ignores previous queued events
* unable to write still doesn’t timeout – it does, just takes 1 min
* playing while downloading corrupted file, resume fixed?
* 1 tunneled socket

* 1 thread for message routers
* Display “Upgrade Now” message in chat when incompatible router found

MGT’s Eric “Eijah” Anderson at DEF CON 24 in Context to Kim Dotcom


As I prepare to release my full feature article and subsequent research based upon what I discovered through my investigating at DEF CON 24, I am publishing this excerpt from my final conversation with Eric Anderson. Recorded on 8/8/2016 via telephone conversation so please forgive the poor quality of the recording. Thank you for your patience as I release what in hindsight appears to be the relevant context of recent tweets that I have included in this excerpt from our interview.


A.M. Faulkner: There has been a lot of sensationalism… Due to this picture of you and your friend.


Anderson: Here is the reality of it, Kim Dotcom is very good friends with Steve Wozniak, at least we talked about him, I don’t know how good but I believe they are very good friends.

This doesn’t mean that Apple is going finance Kim’s Bitcache.

This doesn’t mean that Steve Wozniak is going to be a member a board member or going to be his CTO. Just because the are friends and Wozniak is one of the founders of Apple… It doesn’t mean that their relationship is going to be anymore than a very strong personal friendship / respectful relationship

Anderson: But it also doesn’t mean that he’s not going to reach out to Steve Wozniak maybe for additional help, I have no idea. Those friendships provide us with access we don’t have otherwise but it doesn’t mean we are going to necessarily mean we are going to utilize them in that way. So the fact that he’s friends with Steve Wozniak doesn’t really say anything  besides that there is a mutual respect…

And I think that’s the big message here and it’s important for your readers to understand. I have a very close and intimate friendship with him and a lot of things we see eye to eye on a personal level.

But we’re in two different business spaces right now….Nobody knows what the future is going to hold but there have been no announcements made by MGT that I can talk about.


Our conversation goes on for about 20 minutes more and dives into a comprehensive view of the strategy and vision that the new CTO has brought to MGT shareholders. I will be exploring our dialogue for more insights as I prepare for future works. For the sake of this blog post, I will leave you with this final thought from Anderson.

Anderson: I’ve been an activist and a programmer for many years and with that comes many friendships across many disciplines different continents and its part of the balance of being and individual a citizen of this country and executive officers.

…Sometimes it is important that people understand that I do wear multiple hats.

Just like all of us, we have friendships and relationships and we go to work and what happens at work stays at work. We go home and that’s a whole different life and it’s important to keep those separate but also somebody watching in on us might be tempted to blur the lines.

It is important to realize we all, we all have different hats to wear.

It would be a shame or incorrect to make assumptions about things especially if official communications have not happened. That’s just a remember, a vague reminder…

We make press releases for a reason so all I can comment on from an official MGT standpoint is what comes out of those press releases other than, I have a long history of many relationships with many visionaries…like my friend from yesterday.”

Eric “Eijah” Anderson, 8/8/2016


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