Past Projects

[Working on MGT]

Thank you for those of you who have been patient and waited for me to release dual interviews with John McAfee and Eric “Eijah” Anderson recorded at Def Con 24. There are several reasons I have not rushed to publish my findings so please forgive my need to be candid about my research.

For starters, I have this website. I need a place to store my research and collaborate with others would like to continue the conversation in a more moderated setting that the social media sites that we have used in the past. If you don’t get invited at first, that is fine just reach out to me so I can set up a specific topic for us to work on. At the moment, Seeking Alpha is my only paying publisher. Although I intend to send my submissions off to new platforms, I require a place to better articulate the wide array of topics I research. From technology to psychology, this site will soon be filled with references points and sources to be included in all my articles.

At the moment I am focused on writing several pieces of research and actionable ideas on investment vehicles such as common stock and mutual funds and ETFs that are directly related to my research of John and MGT, the technology driving your curiosity, and the company officers and advisers that your investment will finance.