Keeping Your Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Taxes Current

Most people are finally asking questions about virtual currency tax liabilities because of the profits made from the recent swelling of Bitcoin and Ethereuem market caps. The Federal Government knows that these markets are stabilizing at these historic highs, giving early investors ample opportunity to convert those extremely high returns to U.S. Dollars. As Fortune reported, Through an Investigation and federal summons and ugly lawsuits with the exchange Coinbase, the IRS found out that less 1,000 people were actually following through on their crypto-tax responsibilities.


Ether Euphoria fades as I am Cutoff by Coinbase! Drats!

What could be worse than your current speculative cryptocurrency investment suddenly seeing the micro-bubble pop out from underneath it? How about your wallet and exchange suddenly changing policies and forcing you to update your bank and identification information through a live webcam. That is apparently what has just happened to be as  Ethereum has fallen from the massive…

Is It The Right Time To Invest In Bitcoin?

Q:  Is it the right time to invest in Bitcoin?  A: 1.4 billion invested in 2016. Thinks investment will slow down this year. Will be worth millions each or nothing. But thinks it is here to stay. Commentary: Is buying anything at its peak ever the right time to buy? This is the test of…

Google AI Can Create Its Own Crpyto

Recently it was discovered that the artificial intelligence experts of The Google’s Brain project were able to create A.I. that is capable of developing its own secure secret language or cryptography. The accomplishment is leaving some with more questions than answers currently available. It seems that nobody at Google has any idea how this extra…

Goldman Sachs Files Blockchain Patent for Foreign Exchange Trading – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Since the introduction of bitcoin, banks have slowly been turning their attention to its underlying technology, the blockchain, as a way of processing transactions that are faster and more cost efficient.

Ripple, a blockchain startup, is one company that has partnered up with banks such as Santander and UBS. According to the Goldman Sachs patent, though, there are drawbacks associated with these systems.