Since recently I have done a considerable amount of writing on the reverse merger of MGT Capital Investments and the intellectual property and strategic alliances that will form John McAfee Global Technologies, I have dedicated this page to my research and takeaways.

Past Articles on MGT published at Seeking Alpha

Current Project:

DEF CON 24 interviews with John McAfee CEO and Eric “Eijah” Anderson

Bally’s Poker Room: Friday 4:00 pm PST 4/6/2016

John McAfee Addresses Alleged Fraud From DEF CON 24 as we go on the record while talking about his friendship and businesses relationship with MGT Capital Investment’s Nolan Bushnell  I ask John to explain how Nolan and the other Officers, Board Members and Advisers legitimatize the reverse merger originally brought on by  the acquisition of his FutureTense assets.

Me: …With things like quantum computing and Eric’s background and theme around a decentralized network, why would a guy like that (Bushnell), at the end of his career get involved with something perceived as shady?





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